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A guide to transforming learning ecosystems

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The Learning Experience Framework - LEF® is a strategic guide to transforming learning ecosystems and experiences

Industry Trends

Learning ecosystems are contending with 5 industry trends that are critical to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in the digital age

Learner Experience

In the last 20 years, employees have increased access to digital experiences at home that are far superior to the ones in their workplace, think GenAI (Gemini, Co-pilot & ChatGPT) and Streaming Services (Netflix, Paramount & Disney). 

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Traditionally corporate learning was owned by the Learning team, reporting compliance to the Board of Directors. Today, platforms such as ‘TikTok’ & ‘Youtube’ support the delivery of trusted user and AI generated learning content. 

Skills Economy

Repeated cycles of lay-offs result in poor employee morale and a decrease in trust. Geo-political instability has HR leaders looking at innovative ways to skill up, hire and retain their workforce.  

Apprenticeship v College

Rising higher education costs and recent research reveal a growing preference for apprenticeships over traditional degrees, signaling a shift employers must address in the workplace.

Actionable Analytics

The learning ecosystem generates large volumes of data where both formal and informal learning trends can be identified. The LXP offers deeper insight into employee learning trends.

Clear decision making

Use the framework to ask the right questions about your ecosystem

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