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An Essential Guide to the Learning Experience Framework

Updated: Mar 18

In this 2-part series, we'll first step though what the Learning Experience Framework - LEF ® is, why you need it and how it can work to help transform your learning ecosystem.

The LEF is a strategic tool designed to revamp and elevate the talent, processes and technologies within enterprise organizations. It's not merely a set of guidelines; it's a structure that helps learning professionals ask the right questions, considering all the factors involved in transforming their workplace.

LEF Benefits:

  1. Holistic learning strategies: Developing strategies that encompass the entire learning ecosystem.

  2. Skills for success: Ensuring the company has the necessary skills to stay competitive.

  3. Maximizing ROI: Demonstrating the value of investing in learning.

  4. Cultivating business partnerships: Building trusted relationships to inspire change.

  5. Fortifying learning culture: Strengthening a culture that values continuous learning and development.

If learning engagement within your organization is predominantly compliance-based, it's time to consider a shift towards a more engaging and curiosity-driven approach. The LEF can guide this transition, aiming to foster a level of engagement that goes beyond mandatory training.

It's essential to understand that the LEF is a starting point – a guide to help ask the right questions and set the direction.

The real transformation happens through the collaborative efforts of the teams responsible for implementing the changes. In the next part of this series, we explore the importance of conducting a maturity assessment to enhance the learner experience further.

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