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A blueprint for transforming your learning ecosystem


Learning Innovations

We started out in 2018 with a simple aim to help teams manage their L&D services

Customer Focus Groups

2020 - We reflect with clients on what it takes to run and transform corporate learning ecosystems

LEF 1.0

2021 - We begin using the Framework to steer our work with clients and transform learning ecosystems worldwide

LEF 2.0

2024 - A simplified version of the Framework and Maturity Assessment is released to help guide clients through LXP adoption

Our Story

High performing companies have a history of innovation and are valued based on their continued ability to innovate. Learning is the essence of innovation.

Employees share an inherent desire and enthusiasm for learning. Learning leaders recognize this fact and oftentimes struggle to capitalize on it. Leaders also recognize that segregated learning technologies such as the LMS, LXP, LCMS, microsites, etc. tend to constrain employee curiosity and their preference to learn in the flow of work.

Roles required to unleash learning and employee curiosity depend on customer experience and marketing, not the corporate mandate telling you to keep your head down and finish your compliance training.

The idea of meeting the consumer where they are via proper segmentation, targeting and positioning of content is now ubiquitous and an assumed aspect of an everyday consumer experience. The good news for learning leaders is that the processes needed to curate experiences for employees, emulating the Amazon or Netflix recommendation experience, have been defined and deployable.  

The Learning Experience Framework (LEF)® provides a blueprint for transforming underwhelming, isolated learning and talent technologies into a cohesive learning ecosystem that promotes and enhances employee curiosity, performance, and workforce agility.


Share a strategic framework that aligns business strategy, processes, people, and technology to improve the learner experience and transform the corporate learning ecosystem.

Develop and execute holistic learning strategies

Ensure your company has the skills needed to win

Demonstrate ROI and maximize learning budget

Cultivate business partnerships

Create and/or fortify a learning culture

Who's involved

Tom Rynkowski

Learning experience architect and LEF custodian

Tim Quinlan

Champion for CLO's worldwide and thought leader 

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