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Start a learning ecosystem maturity assessment

Updated: Mar 12

In part 2 of this series (read part 1), we explore how the Learning Experience Framework - LEF ® can guide a maturity assessment of your learning ecosystem.

A note before we begin, throughout your journey you will need stayed focussed on the learner experience, ensuring that it's engaging and aligned with modern expectations.

Understanding where your organization stands in terms of learning maturity is crucial. A maturity assessment offers insights into the current state of your learning ecosystem, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for growth. This assessment is a stepping stone towards a more sophisticated, integrated learning strategy.

Strategy Dynamics

A well-defined strategy is at the heart of any successful learning ecosystem. These involve discussions around:

  • Up-skilling learning professionals: giving direction to and inspiring teams to steer the transformation effort.

  • Integration of learning technologies: Combining LMS, LXP, and other learning tools to create a unified platform or experience.

  • Content curation and personalization: Utilizing AI and analytics to deliver personalized and modern learning experiences.

  • Encouraging self-directed learning: Empowering employees to take charge of their learning paths.

  • Aligning learning with business objectives: Ensuring learning outcomes contribute directly to the company's goals taking a skills first approach.

Get Started

To fully understand and evaluate your organization's learning maturity, we encourage you to request a maturity assessment. This assessment will provide you with a clear picture of where you are and what steps you need to take to enhance your learning ecosystem. We take the components of the LEF and use it as a marker for understanding the learning ecosystem. At the end you will gain an insight into where you are in relation to the Base, Competitive and Differentiated levels.

Transforming your learning ecosystem with the LEF is a journey, not a destination. It's about continually assessing, adapting, and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of your learners and your organization. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a learning environment that not only meets compliance needs but also fuels curiosity, enhances performance, and drives business success.


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